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Nintendo Direct June 2023: The 5 Biggest Announcements!

Nintendo Direct June 2023

Nintendo Direct June 2023

The Nintendo holiday calendar for 2023 was somewhat scant before the company’s second major Direct presentation of the year. But that’s not the case now.

Nintendo unveiled a number of significant titles coming to the Switch in the upcoming months, including new WarioWare and Detective Pikachu games as well as two Super Mario games. Pokémon Violet and Scarlet’s planned expansions were also given a closer look, and Nintendo even hinted at new Luigi and Princess Peach games for the following year.

The video which Nintendo Switch Uploaded on YouTube announcing the games:

The five biggest announcements, in case you missed the showcase live, are listed below.

A Fresh Super Mario Side-scroller

With the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Switch on October 20th, the plumber’s busy year will continue. The game appears to maintain the form and aesthetic of the New Super Mario Bros. series while introducing some unusual and creative new gameplay elements, such as living pipes, sizable enemy hordes, and the ability to transform into an elephant.

A new version of Super Mario RPG is Coming

Super Mario RPG, a beloved SNES title, is being ported to the Switch and will feature a chibi redesign. Strangely, the game’s subtitle isn’t Legend of the Seven Stars, and it was first released in 1996 as a joint project by Nintendo and Final Fantasy creator Square (now Square Enix). It sounds like the remake will mostly focus on cosmetic improvements while basically maintaining the same gameplay.

You can also read about other games by visiting the links below:

Wario Enjoys Moving Things Around

Mario’s sidekick, Wario, is also receiving a new game specifically for him, WarioWare: Move It!, not to be outdone by the announcement that Mario is getting a remake of a beloved game and a completely new one. Play a variety of microgames online with up to three buddies (or locally with two players).

Move It’s ridiculous, but the lightning-fast minigames make it ideal for Mario Party fans who don’t have the time due to adult obligations like jobs and mortgages. Preorders for WarioWare: Move It! began today and the game will be released on November 3rd.

Detective Pikachu has Returned

The detective Pikachu is back! Detective Pikachu Returns is the follow-up to the strange yet lovable Pokémon adventure game, which has a plot remarkably similar to a James Bond movie.

Tim Goodman and his hat- and coffee-loving companion Pikachu are working together once more to unravel the mysteries of Ryme City. Maybe there will be a live-action Detective Pikachu movie sequel if this one goes well. On October 6, Detective Pikachu Returns will debut.

Pokémon is Adopting a New Look

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC will include new Pokémon, Trainers, and clothing items allowing players to show off their personal style. The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk are expected to be released this year around the holidays, although a release date has not yet been announced.

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