N@ked California Woman Was Captured Near The San Francisco Bay Bridge For Firing At Cars

On Tuesday, a n@ked lady was apprehended by authorities in the state of California after they say she started firing her rifle at cars in the area of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Officials with the California Highway Patrol stated that the department began getting reports about a reckless motorist at 4:40 p.m., according to KTVU. The same caller reported later that the woman exited her vehicle while still wearing her clothes and immediately began shouting at the other motorists.

She re-entered her vehicle, but it came to a stop again not far after the toll plaza. When she got out this time, she was reportedly entirely n@ked.

The below tweet showed the moments of a woman firing at the cars:

According to the police, a woman started discharging a gun while pointing it at other vehicles as she was driving.

The woman originally protested when she was requested to put down the weapon, but she eventually relented and was brought into jail once she did so.

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According to officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the woman was sent to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Officials with the California Highway Patrol are currently conducting an investigation into what transpired.

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