No Bail For 69-year-old Woman Accused Of Murdering Her 87-year-old Mother

According to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, a 69-year-old woman will be held without bail after being charged with murder in the death of her 87-year-old mother at her South Side senior apartment building.

Police in Chicago announced on Wednesday that they had arrested 69-year-old Shearly Gaines on suspicion of first-degree murder. The state’s attorney’s office reports that bond court ruled Friday that she must be detained without bail.87-year-old Mae Brown of the Lincoln Perry senior apartments was discovered in her wheelchair on Saturday afternoon, unresponsive.

No Bail For 69-year-old Woman Accused Of Murdering Her 87-year-old Mother
No Bail For 69-year-old Woman Accused Of Murdering Her 87-year-old Mother

According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Brown was the victim of a homicide after she sustained multiple injuries in an assault.

The state’s attorney has confirmed that Brown was Gaines’ mother. She had spent the past eight years in her one-bedroom apartment at the retirement community. Gaines and her mom did not reside in that home.

According to the state’s attorney’s office, on October 12 Chicago police were called to Brown’s apartment by Gaines, who wanted to report a theft because Brown had been the payee for Gaines’ Social Security disability payments. When Gaines was only 20, she was told she had schizophrenia.

The officers arrived, resolved the situation, and then left, only to be called back shortly afterward when Brown asked Gaines to leave her apartment and she refused. Brown’s daughter, who is younger than Gaines, showed up at the apartment, and the police eventually removed him.

Surveillance footage allegedly showing Gaines entering Brown’s apartment on the 13th of October while dressed in a blue sweatshirt and toting a blue purse led police to make this identification. After Gaines left the apartment on the morning of October 15, no one else was seen entering or exiting the unit by surveillance cameras. According to the state attorney’s office, Brown’s apartment had a single point of entry: the building’s interior hallway.

According to the state attorney’s office, Brown’s younger daughter last had phone contact with her father on October 14 and visited his apartment on the afternoon of October 15. Brown’s younger daughter, upon knocking and finding no response, called for maintenance to let her in, where she discovered her mother unresponsive and covered in blood from multiple head injuries. On the spot, Brown was ruled dead.

According to the district attorney’s office, Gaines was located on Wednesday while still wearing the same blue sweatshirt and carrying the same blue purse that were used in the initial identification. The state’s attorney’s office said the dagger was consistent with Brown’s injuries and that she was also found with plastic bags, one of which contained a screwdriver and a dagger.

Gaines is due back in court on November 9.




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