Weather Update: Northern California’s Thanksgiving Forecast

As Thanksgiving approaches, Northern California residents can expect a subtle shift in weather patterns. Here’s a breakdown of the forecast for the upcoming days:

Wednesday: Dry and Mild

  • Conditions: Dry weather with light winds.
  • Forecast: Enjoy a calm Wednesday with no significant weather disturbances. Mild temperatures and light winds make for a pleasant day.

Thursday Morning: Brief Shower Chance

  • Conditions: Weak weather system passing through, bringing a brief chance of showers before sunrise, particularly in mountainous areas.
  • Thanksgiving Outlook: Despite the brief shower potential, Thanksgiving morning is expected to be cool and dry, setting the stage for a comfortable day.

Thanksgiving Day: Dry and Mild

  • Conditions: Dry and mild conditions with clearing clouds in the morning.
  • Forecast: Thanksgiving festivities are in store with dry weather and mild temperatures reaching the upper 60s. Morning clouds will give way to sunny skies, providing an ideal setting for outdoor activities.
  • Winds: Expect increased winds in the afternoon, coming from the north at 10-25 mph. The strongest winds are anticipated overnight into Friday morning.

Friday: Windy Start, Cooler Finish

  • Conditions: Sunny skies after morning winds, cooler air entering Northern California.
  • Forecast: Friday kicks off with windy conditions that gradually taper off in the afternoon. Cooler air moving in will bring a drop in temperatures.

Weekend: Dry and Cool

  • Conditions: Dry conditions persist with cooler temperatures.
  • Forecast: The weekend is expected to stay dry with temperatures hovering in the low 60s. Enjoy clear skies and cooler air, providing a refreshing atmosphere.

As you plan your Thanksgiving celebrations and weekend activities, stay informed about the changing weather conditions. From a brief shower chance to sunny and mild days, Northern California’s weather offers a mix of elements for a memorable holiday.

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