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NYC Psychiatrist Admits Plotting Sledgehammer Murder

Psychiatrist Admits Plotting Sledgehammer Murder

Psychiatrist Admits Plotting Sledgehammer Murder

On Wednesday, a psychiatrist in Manhattan admitted she had planned to kill the father of her child with a sledgehammer.

On November 11, 2012, Pamela Buchbinder, 52, admitted to burglary and assault for her role in recruiting her adolescent cousin, Jacob Nolan, to murder Michael Weiss at his W. 57th St. home office. According to the court documents, the couple had recently resolved a contentious custody dispute over their 5-year-old son.

Nyc Psychiatrist Admits Plotting Sledgehammer Murder

When asked by Judge Thomas Farber, “The purpose was that Mr. Nolan would enter and do substantial physical injury to Mr. Weiss,” Nolan said such was the case. “Is that true?”

Buchbinder humbly said, “Yes,” while standing before the judge in a faded pink t-shirt and beige jail pants.

As Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin Bragg, put it, the effects of the shrink’s conspiracy would be felt for a long time.

Pamela Buchbinder, together with her 19-year-old cousin Jacob Nolan, carefully premeditated the murder of Dr. Michael Weiss. Dr. Weiss, the father of the kid, was hurt in the incident and was traumatized by Nolan’s brutality, as stated by Bragg.

Prosecutors prosecuted Buchbinder in 2017, and she has entered into a plea agreement that calls for 11 years in jail and five years of post-release monitoring. Prosecutors testified in court that Weiss, who could not be reached for comment, accepted the agreement.

In 2016, Nolan was given a 9 and a half year state prison sentence for his involvement in the attempted murder. The night before the crime, he and Buchbinder used cash to purchase a sledgehammer from the Home Depot on W. 23rd St.

Court documents state that the following day, Nolan entered Weiss’ building and sought to use the restroom before pulling a 10-pound hammer and a knife out of a duffel bag and killing his cousin’s ex-girlfriend. Weiss wrestled a knife from Nolan and used it to defend himself as the two fought to the death.

In 2016, Nolan gave a tell-all interview to CBS in which he described graphic details of the brutal attack. He claimed Buchbinder gave him her ex’s building plans and conditioned him to hate Weiss.

‘You know, I wanted to kill him,’ Nolan admitted.

She made me loathe him because she and he disliked each other. I knew she wanted me to smash him over the head because she had blasted “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” by The Beatles nonstop.

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