NYC Tourist Raped While Jogging Had Neck Bones Broken By’sex Fiend’

Prosecutors and sources claim that the latest victim of the alleged serial sex predator was a foreign tourist who was choked so violently that many bones in her neck snapped. On Friday, he was ordered held without bail for the rape that occurred in the West Village.

At his arraignment, prosecutors recounted the “obvious predatory pattern” allegedly followed by suspect Carl Phanor in his run of attacks over the previous nine months in Manhattan, while Phanor, who police claim had a “scales of justice” tattoo on his left hand, wavered and said nothing.

Nyc Tourist Raped While Jogging Had Neck Bones Broken By'sex Fiend'
Nyc Tourist Raped While Jogging Had Neck Bones Broken By’sex Fiend’

Manhattan ADA Lauren Breen testified that in each case, the defendant specifically targeted women in deserted places with low levels of security personnel.

The defendant’s behavior was consistent with that of a predator. He picked deserted spots, singled out women returning home on foot or by jogging, and attacked them from behind, choking and sexually assaulting all three.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials say that at around 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, Phanor, 29, seized a 43-year-old female tourist, possibly from Illinois, from behind, flung her to the ground, and choked her until she passed out on Pier 45, between West and Christopher streets.

Officials say the pervert stole her cell phone, debit card, hotel key card, and ID before raping and sexually assaulting her before fleeing on a Citi Bike with the victim’s running shoes, workout clothes, and underwear.

Breen told the judge that yesterday’s victim is still in the intensive care unit (ICU) after suffering several bone fractures from being choked to the point of unconsciousness.

Prosecutors say the victim had bruises on her face and blood on her arms, fingernails, and fingers when police officers arrived at the scene on Thursday after a Good Samaritan had dialed 911.

The investigators say that after the incident, Phanor went to the Port Authority bus terminal and tried to use the victim’s credit card to purchase a Greyhound bus ticket.

According to sources, however, he was apprehended by Port Authority police who had been issued an alert by the NYPD with his photo to keep an eye out for him.

Prosecutors claim that Phanor was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he raped his victim and that he had the woman’s wallet and other belongings on him when he was detained.

Prosecutors claim Phanor committed his first attack in New York City on March 27 at 6 a.m.

Phanor, who was riding a bike, is accused of tackling a 39-year-old woman who was running on the path near Pier 46, choking her, and pinning her down as he screamed at her to perform a sex act on him and then orally raped her.
Authorities said Phanor attacked again on October 6 on the FDR service road near East 37th Street after police publicized his identity and a photo of him to the media in a frantic attempt to track him down.

Prosecutors say Phanor attacked a woman who was strolling down the street by sneaking up behind her, putting her in a chokehold, and ripping her jeans.

Phanor allegedly fled the scene when the woman yelled for help, but not before taking her phone and credit card, which he used at a neighboring smoke shop about half an hour later.

Breen pleaded with Judge Jonathan Svetkey to remand Phanor on many accusations, including first-degree rape, predatory sexual assault, and strangling, stating that Phanor had sexually assaulted three women in public areas at early hours over the course of nine months.

As part of his bail application, Phanor’s attorney claimed his client has “nowhere to reside” and “no income.

No one is going to give him a chance. The attorney said that he was abandoned by his parents when he was a child.

Phanor was remanded by Svetkey. He has a court date set for November 9th.


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