Oakland Armored Truck Robbery; 1 Dead

There was a shooting near the intersection of 44th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland, California, leaving one person dead and two others wounded. There was an attempted heist of a Brinks vehicle on Friday afternoon, according to the police.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong described the incident as “a horrific scene that happened in broad daylight”

There was gunfire reported here to police just before 2 in the afternoon. Police arrived to find two victims with gunshot wounds. Two people were shot; one survived and was taken to the hospital; the other died at the spot. Nobody knows who died yet because no identification has been made. The police did not specify whether the deceased person was the one suspected in the failed heist.

KTVU was told by a source with knowledge of the matter that a Brinks security guard fatally shot a robbery suspect.

Later, police reported that another person with gunshot wounds independently made their way to a nearby hospital. The probe is currently attempting to clarify the nature of that person’s involvement. At the scene, two firearms were found.

The situation was updated by Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong. A Brinks worker and a bystander, he added, were shot and injured. Armstrong has stated that multiple people in a white car are connected to this investigation.

“We’re on the lookout for any and all video or photographic evidence involving that car and its occupants. The two of us are working to determine who they are, “according to Armstrong. There have been no reported arrests.

After the incident, Skyfox flew over it. An armored Brinks vehicle sat parked in front of a Napa Auto Parts business, and there were numerous evidence markers in the area. There may have been as many as 20 gunshots and screaming, according to witnesses.

It’s an active scene, according to Chief Armstrong. The year now has 92 murders. The FBI is assisting in this probe.

This terrible tragedy culminates in a violent week in Oakland.

“During this last week, Oakland experienced many difficulties. Several murders have occurred this week. We’re counting on the public’s continued cooperation to assist us to solve these cases. We also urge residents to keep working to remove the guns that plague our area “Armstrong remarked.

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