Tragic Shooting at Ocala Mall Leaves One Dead and One Suspect in Custody!

Sunday, the Ocala Police Department released images depicting the person they believe to be the shooter in the shooting that occurred at the Paddock Mall the previous day, resulting in the death of a man and injuries to a woman.

In what was initially deemed an “active shooter situation,” police officers arrived at the mall at approximately 3:40 p.m. A news release stated that a shooting did take place inside the facility on Saturday, even though there was no active shooter.

The woman shot was brought to a hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, and the guy who was found shot to death in a common area has been identified by police as David Nathaniel Barron, 40. Barron was supposedly the tattoo artist for Cicely Robertson. Her pals referred to him as “Dirty,” she alleged.

“Dirty was a nice person,” Robertson said. “He was loving, giving. He’d give you the shirt on his back. He always motivated you to do the right thing, always inspire you, take care of you, you know, somebody you could go and talk to.”

According to the police, the gunman fled the scene of the crime, and they are now investigating whether or not the shooting was premeditated. According to a statement released by the department on Sunday afternoon, 39-year-old Albert J. Shell Jr. was wanted for premeditated first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in connection with the incident.

Ocala Mall Shooting

You can see what seem to be two mugshots of Shell from earlier in this story up top, as they were included with this update. Barron was a father, according to Robertson. “It’s just sad that these kids have to go Christmas without their father,” she said.

According to Syriah Williams, a witness who contacted with News 6 and took footage on her iPhone after the shooting started, “chaos erupted” at the mall two days before Christmas, when shoppers were ramping up their holiday purchases. According to Williams, workers at Bath & Body Works helped customers get out by opening a back entrance.

While investigators worked the scene Saturday night, the mall was evacuated and shops remained shuttered. The parking lots were ultimately opened so individuals could reclaim their vehicles. The announcement states that the following agencies were dispatched to the scene of the shooting: the Florida Highway Patrol, Marion County Fire Rescue, Ocala Fire Rescue, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Sunday, News 6 got further witness footage showing the mall’s inside in a state of disarray immediately following the incident. On Sunday, the Ocala police department posted to social media, demanding that “the person who took the shooter’s red hat” return the item of clothing without delay.

By removing the shooter’s red hat from the Paddock Mall crime scene, this individual tampered with critical evidence, according to the LAPD, which released the individual’s picture. There might be some priceless DNA evidence in that hat.

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