Off-duty Officer Among 5 Killed In Raleigh Shooting

At least five individuals, including an off-duty police officer, were shot and murdered by a juvenile on Thursday night in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the suspect was later brought into custody, according to municipal authorities.

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin remarked during a press conference that evening, “This is a terrible and devastating day for the city of Raleigh.”

Off-duty Officer Among 5 Killed In Raleigh Shooting
Off-duty Officer Among 5 Killed In Raleigh Shooting

Police said the incident took place in the Hedingham district in the city’s northeast. At this time, authorities have encouraged locals to stay inside their houses.

A spokesperson for WakeMed said that four persons were being treated for gunshot wounds at the hospital. She claimed ignorance of their health statuses.

Lt. Jason Borneo, a police spokesman, said the subject was arrested at 9:37 p.m. He just said the suspect was a young white man and refused to speculate on a motive. According to him, a second police officer was hurt, but was later discharged after receiving medical attention.

To quote Lieutenant Borneo: “When we lose one of our own, it is a horrible, painful day for all of us.”

Several residents reported seeing a young man in camouflage attire and carrying a long pistol as he strolled around the area. They spoke to the local television station WRAL.

On Twitter, the Raleigh Police Department said that they were responding to a gunshot along the Neuse River Greenway and that they were working with other law enforcement agencies to solve the case.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper expressed his appreciation for the swift and well-coordinated response of law enforcement to the incident that occurred in his state.

Mr. Cooper said, “Tonight terror has reached our doorstep.” It’s like every town’s worst fear has finally arrived in Raleigh.


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