Officers Who Reacted After The Shooting Discovered A Blood Trail And A Bengal Tiger Cub

Authorities in New Mexico said that when officers from the Albuquerque Police Department reacted to a gunshot on Tuesday, they also discovered a blood trail and a healthy, months-old Bengal tiger while conducting their investigation.

In Southeast Albuquerque, outside a convenience shop, police officers from the Albuquerque Police Department reacted to a shooting. The gunshot victim was struck by a stray bullet while standing outside, according to authorities.

Officers arrived on the site and moved toward a mobile home after hearing another shot. Officers stopped there and discovered a blood trail, which they followed to an adjacent trailer with an unlocked door.

Inside, a Bengal tiger cub was discovered by the cops in a dog crate.

The youngster was sent to the ABQ BioPark by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Conservation, where doctors checked it out and declared the tiger to be in good health. The tiger will remain at the BioPark for the time being until a probe is completed and authorities can locate it a permanent home.

According to the Department of Game and Fish Conservation, search warrants were executed at two residences in the South Valley of Albuquerque on August 12 by conservation officers and other law enforcement personnel.

They learned through a tip that one of the residents was illegally housing a tiger. Officers discovered a 3-foot alligator that was being unlawfully kept and transported to a zoo, but the tiger that was the subject of this search was not located.

Field Operations Division Col. Tim Cimbal stated in a news release that “the Department of Game and Fish suspects that the tiger confiscated Tuesday is not the same tiger sought during the August 2022 search.” “The tiger from August is thought to be older than a year old and currently weighs between 50 and 90 pounds. The tiger that was taken Tuesday just weighed 20 pounds and was only a few months old.”

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