Officials Arrest Suspect In Shootings Of 2 New Jersey Cops

After a search that lasted into the night, authorities in Newark, New Jersey, announced that they had captured the suspect in the shooting deaths of two police officers the previous day.

At a press conference on Wednesday, acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens II said that at 11:10 a.m., Kendall Howard, 30, had been apprehended and was being held on two charges of attempted murder.

Officials Arrest Suspect In Shootings Of 2 New Jersey Cops
Officials Arrest Suspect In Shootings Of 2 New Jersey Cops

NBC New York said that a SWAT squad located Howard in the building that was searched by officials soon after the gunshots on Tuesday.

Both of the cops are rookies with less than 2 years of experience, but police say they should be OK. Nobody knew who they were.

During the search, Howard’s whereabouts were being looked into, Stephens added.

Amid a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced an arrest and praised law police for “their fast response to manage the situation defend their neighborhood during another tragic act of gun violence.”

The police had previously called the shooter a “armed and dangerous” individual. On Wednesday, authorities would neither confirm or deny the presence of a firearm, stating only that an investigation was ongoing.

Howard faces two counts of attempted murder in addition to charges of unauthorized weapon possession and weapon possession for an unlawful purpose, according to the prosecutor’s office.

There was no mention of his case in the online court records as of Wednesday night, and it was unclear whether or not he was represented.

The director of public safety in Newark, Fritz Fragé, has said that one cop was wounded in the face and shoulder, requiring surgery. One of them had a bullet lodged in his leg.

Residents were asked to shelter in place while the scene of the gunshot was cordoned off and searched by law enforcement.

According to Stephens, there are around 80 apartments in the structure.

Officials have said that a civilian, in addition to responding police officers, helped the wounded cops.

Fragé said on Wednesday that witnesses had seen and heard gunfire when others bent down to help remove a downed police officer to safety. What they did was “heroic,” he said.


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