Officials: Three Dead, Including Gunman, After St. Louis High School Shooting

Shooting at a St. Louis high school on Monday morning resulted in three deaths and several injuries, authorities said. The gunman, 19, was among the deceased.

Shortly after 9 a.m., officials received reports of a shooter with a long gun inside Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. Panic ensued. Both the school and the adjacent Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience were secured.

Officials: Three Dead, Including Gunman, After St. Louis High School Shooting
Officials: Three Dead, Including Gunman, After St. Louis High School Shooting

A member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department told reporters that the suspect was brought into custody after a gunfight and later declared deceased.

According to Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Mike Sack, who spoke to media later that day, the suspect was a recent Central graduate with no criminal record.

Sack claimed that the suspect came inside the school brandishing a firearm in a “aggressive, violent manner.”

He said, “There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about what was going to occur.” Sack speculated that the apparent gunman may have been suffering from mental illness, albeit no clear motivation had been established.

Sack said he couldn’t give more information since detectives were still looking into the matter.

Earlier, Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Mike Sack remarked, “While on paper we could have nine victims, eight of whom were transported, and one stayed, we have hundreds of others.” To quote one survivor: “Everyone who made it out of here is going to take trauma with them.”

Abbey Kuczka, Jean’s daughter, confirmed that her mother, a high school health teacher, was among those killed.

“I found out just a few hours ago,” she stated on Monday.

According to her description on the school’s website, the teacher was a mother of five, a grandma of seven, and a cyclist who took part in an annual charity race to raise money for juvenile diabetes, a disease her son had.

Since joining the St. Louis Public Schools in 2002, Kuczka has taught health, personal finance, and physical education at both the middle school and high school levels.

Sack stated that the other victim, a 16-year-old girl, was pronounced dead at the site.

Sack claimed four people injured in the incident were under the age of 15. The ages of the other three were all 16. From gunshot wounds to a broken foot and facial abrasions, they all took a beating, Sack claimed.


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