Ohio Dad Charged With Homicide After Leaving 1-year-old in Hot Car

Police in Ohio claim an adolescent father deliberately left his son, then 1 year old, in a car where temperatures reached more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin stated in a Facebook post on Friday that 19-year-old Landon Parrot is presently being held at the Tuscarawas County Jail on charges of murder, two counts of endangering children, and involuntary manslaughter.

Ohio Dad Charged With Homicide After Leaving 1-year-old in Hot Car
Ohio Dad Charged With Homicide After Leaving 1-year-old in Hot Car

The emergency room staff at Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital alerted the New Philadelphia police at 2 p.m. on Thursday about a 1-year-old boy who had been brought in by his father and was unresponsive.

Goodwin stated that “inconsistent information being offered by the father” was discovered by investigators during the initial investigation. The father eventually admitted to authorities what had occurred to his son as the investigation progressed and additional evidence was uncovered.

Despite the fact that it was only 87 degrees outdoors, the child died after being left in the car for five hours, as the chief noted. During the interview, it became clear that this wasn’t a simple case of forgetting the kid at home. Rather, it was done on purpose so that the kid wouldn’t cause any trouble.

FOX 8 Cleveland stated that surveillance footage from across the street from the parents’ apartment building showed Parrot with the child around 8:30 a.m., and that he did not return until 1:50 p.m., when he returned to the car to pick up his wife from work.

New Philadelphia Police Detective Capt. Ty Norris told the source that the car’s inside had reached an estimated 130 degrees while the infant was inside, strapped into a car seat with no fluids, air conditioning, or anything else. “Heartbreaking. It’s horrible to see things happen before your eyes.”

Norris claims that during an interview with police, Parrot acknowledged that he had read about the risks of leaving children in hot cars in the news but decided to do it nonetheless because he didn’t want his son to cause a scene at home.

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