Ohio Police Shot Driver In Self-defense

CLEVELAND (AP) — According to a prosecutor in the Cincinnati region, Ohio, police who shot a man while responding to a report of a probable burglary used fatal force appropriately and won’t face charges.

Joe Frasure Jr. was shot at by two Wyoming police officers early on Monday after he disobeyed orders to halt and nearly ran into one of them while driving a van toward them in a small space between two buildings, according to the authorities. The vehicle is seen moving ahead while the officers are shouting for the driver to stop in body camera footage of the nocturnal incident.

The officers’ response was justifiable because they believed their lives were in danger as Frasure accelerated, according to Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers, even though it is unclear whether he was trying to intentionally target police or flee.

According to the coroner’s office, the 28-year-old Frasure, who was from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, passed away on Tuesday at a hospital in Cincinnati.

According to Powers, the cops had been called in response to a neighbor’s allegation of a probable break-in at an apartment complex that was supposed to be empty.

Authorities claim that when authorities encountered Frasure and his father in the building’s back alley, they ran away. According to the prosecutor’s office, both individuals had warrants out for their arrest relating to prior accusations or convictions.

According to Frasure’s father, they were there tidying up the flat of a deceased relative, as reported by WLWT-TV.

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