Ohio Superintendent Defends Introducing ‘Anarchist Bimbo’ To High School Classroom

A high school in Ohio welcomed a “anarchist bimbo” who tweeted about “sex work,” and the principal justified the move.

Dr. Trent Bowers wrote in an email to Fox News Digital on Monday that the activist had discussed homelessness with a group of radical high school students.

Ohio Superintendent Defends Introducing 'Anarchist Bimbo' To High School Classroom
Ohio Superintendent Defends Introducing ‘Anarchist Bimbo’ To High School Classroom

He said, “A school principal was present during the debate, and there was nothing provided to pupils what is being reported in social media online.

Blackburn calls herself a “anarchist bimbo,” a “fat activist,” and has “sex work” listed as a hobby on her Twitter profile.

Blackburn also displayed “#antifafashion” and sexy photos, as seen in other screenshots taken by Libs of TikTok.

In addition, she provides a link to the First Collective, a charitable organization. The organization runs a campground in central Ohio under the name “Camp Shameless.” Twenty to twenty-five people are able to stay at the camp, which “provides accommodation, food, medical supplies and treatment, transportation, harm reduction materials, finances for individuals’ immediate needs, and a community of support, acceptance, and growth,” as stated on their website.

Bowers stated that for decades, two high schools had provided a senior-level option titled “U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism.” The superintendent said it was terrible that so much attention was being paid to Blackburn’s social media and defended their decision to have the speaker.

“An activist for the homeless was a recent topic of discussion at a talk in Worthington Kilbourne. A lot of people are paying attention to that speaker because of what they’ve said online, but they don’t seem to realize that the speakers in this special elective class will, by definition, be radical.”

The course will “explore political ideology in the United States of America from the extreme right to the extreme left and opinions beyond the typical political spectrum,” according to the course description.


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