Oklahomans could see the transformation in grocery tax

If a legislative referendum is successful, a sales tax on specific foodstuffs might be repealed. On Wednesday, Rep. Sean Roberts of Hominy declared that he intends to continue his campaign for a referendum to repeal Oklahoma’s sales tax on food.

“At the moment, just six states allow full taxation on food, with Oklahoma being one of them,” Roberts said. As a result of the present excess in money and the increase in earnings, this is a perfect moment to provide this much-needed help to Oklahoma households.

Roberts introduced House Bill 2844 during the last session and said he would advocate for its approval again during this term.

‘If this initiative is submitted to the people and passed, Oklahoma companies would experience an increase in income, and Oklahomans would be able to receive more for their money at the grocery store,’ he added.

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According to the legislation, a provision in the Oklahoma Sales Tax Code would be amended. It would make products provided via the SNAP program eligible for a tax exemption for everyone, even those not enrolled in the program. The following session will commence on February 7th.

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