Old Dog, New Trick: Microsoft Tests A Tabbed UI For Notepad.exe In Windows 11

Old Dog, New Trick: Microsoft Tests A Tabbed UI For Notepad.exe In Windows 11: Notepad is one of the very first Windows applications, and up until the release of Windows 11, it has undergone the least amount of modification.

It is still a basic text editor, but Windows 11 has taught it some new tricks, adding support for dark mode, a customizable font, and a layered undo feature. (Recently, a developer succeeded in porting Doom to Notepad, officially establishing Notepad as “a game platform.”)

Microsoft is reportedly testing yet another new Notepad feature; a screenshot provided by an alleged Microsoft employee depicts the app’s new tabbed user interface, which was also recently added to the venerable Windows Explorer.

The snapshot was quickly removed (funnily, it has a huge “secret” banner across the top of it), but media sources like Windows Central managed to save it before it was taken down.

Microsoft may or may not ever make this tabbed Notepad available to the general public; nevertheless, even features that are now present in Windows Insider releases of the operating system don’t often make it into the final edition that is distributed to all PCs.

These days, updates to Windows 11 and its apps happen “whenever we feel like it,” with both significant once-yearly releases and intermittent feature drops throughout the year. So, if Microsoft decides to make this tabbed Notepad version available, we won’t have to wait for the significant update in 2023.

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