On July 1st, More Than 200 New Laws in Nevada Go Effective

The Nevada Legislature has passed new laws regarding traffic violations that will go into effect on July 1. As of July 1, those who cause injuries while driving drunk will be liable for punitive damages, which is money that is paid as punishment. They previously faced solely financial penalties for harm done to others or to property.

Another change is a rise from six to twenty years in prison for causing serious bodily injury or death while driving recklessly, with an additional seven years added for doing so in a school zone.

This comes after a reckless driver in Henderson, named Rex Patchett, was killed in March 2022 while traveling 97 mph in a 35 mph zone. The motorist got six years in prison and can apply for parole after two.

Jason Patchett, the boy’s father, sought the change: “Enough is enough we’ve got to stand up as a community and say we are united, and we are not going to tolerate it anymore.”

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Also, as of July 1, the following new statutes will be in effect: Jurors will now receive $65 per day, up from $40. Birth control tablets can be obtained by women for a whole year at once at their pharmacy.

Lobbying efforts by energy corporations resulted in a requirement that all mylar balloons sold in stores come with a weight. Mylar balloons for sale must have a weight. The fine for selling balloons without weights is $50 per balloon, or $2,500 each day.

There is no longer a requirement to renew license plates every eight years. It is illegal for a landlord to charge a tenant for making necessary repairs or performing maintenance on a rental unit. It will be against the law to illegally install a tracking device on a vehicle.

The following is a collection of links to news articles published by the California Examiner related to the aforementioned topic:

After July 1, all firearms sold must come with a gun lock as standard equipment. That also applies to handing over firearms. Warning signs will be displayed at retail gun shops to make customers aware that the illegal storage of firearms can result in criminal penalties.

The needs of people with service animals must be factored into future emergency plans. At least one safe haven has to be set aside in the action plan for the pet and its owner. Include your exit strategy and means of transportation.

On July 1st, Nevada will have a higher minimum wage. The 2019 Nevada legislature is responsible for such change. Those with health insurance will see a raise to $10.25 per hour, while those without will see an increase to $11.25 per hour.

If you want to keep up with criminal activities in California and the surrounding states, The California Examiner is the newspaper for you.

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