One Dead, Five Wounded In Denver Gunfire That “Sounded Like War”

One guy was killed and five others were injured on the sidewalk off of East Colfax Avenue in Denver on Tuesday afternoon, and police are hunting for three individuals in connection with the shooting.

About 1:30 p.m., police said, a gunman opened fire in broad daylight near the corner of Colfax and Verbena Street. As the victims were milling in the area around the Michael Convenience Store, the suspects came up in a car.

During a press conference, Denver Police Cmdr. Matt Clark said, “They were simply standing on the sidewalk, no obvious dispute there.” The bus terminates service at Colfax. Three people jumped out of the car and opened fire on the pedestrians below with pistols, killing at least one person and wounding many more.

Police said that four males, including the victim who died at the site, and two women were shot. Three of the injured people are still in serious condition, Clark added, while the others were brought to local hospitals.

Airway Motel employee Stephen Gile stated he heard 20-30 gunshots at about 2:00 p.m. He ran out there and saw numerous persons who had been shot and were bleeding.

It sounded like a battle, he said.

Former Air Force flight medic Gile administered CPR to one of the wounded servicemen. According to Gile, the individual was shot in the side of his chest and did not make it.

Following the incident, there was significant misunderstanding as authorities said six persons were shot, then said five, and then said six.

It was around the 1400 block of Verbena when the ShotSpotter system picked up gunshots, and that’s when 911 reports reporting a shooting began coming in, according to Clark.

Dozens of cops swarmed the scene on Verbena Street, south of East Colfax, on Tuesday afternoon. Next to Michael’s Convenience Store, they set up a tent to hide the corpse of the guy who had been shot.

Clark said that the suspects and the group had not made any eye contact before gunfire erupted.

Clark said that the gunmen then returned to their car and drove off along Colfax Avenue to the east. They were last seen getting into a black SUV and driving away from the intersection of East 12th Avenue and Yosemite Street, where police later located the suspects’ car, he said.

The police are still hunting for the SUV, and there have been no arrests.

Gile, a nearby resident who heard the gunfire, stated that he had seen a constant gathering of individuals around the scene of the crime for the last decade.

From what he’s heard, the level of violence in the region fluctuates. Although he noted that shooting was less frequent this year, he did note that it did occur.

‘I’ve been waiting for this,’ he remarked.



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