One Fatality Reported After Gunshots Erupt During Party in West Birmingham Home

One guy was killed in an altercation at a small party early on Saturday in West Birmingham.

Around 12:50 in the morning, West Precinct police were called in response to a complaint of a shooting at a house in the 600 block of Carline Avenue in the Pratt neighborhood.

When police arrived on the scene and went inside the house, they discovered an adult man who was not breathing. On the spot, the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service proclaimed him dead.

Officer Truman Fitzgerald said that according to the investigation, the fatal shot was the result of an altercation between the victim and the unidentified suspect. Before the cops came, the majority of the partygoers departed the area.

No one has named the suspect.

The tweet posted by carol robinson confirms the news:

Fitzgerald said that it should be clear to at least some of the attendees who the shooter was, and they are urged to contact Crime Stoppers, which can be done anonymously, with any information.

This is a straightforward chance to be paid, he remarked.

The victim is the 30th murderer in Birmingham this year. Two of them have been determined to be justified and not criminal.

There have been 38 murders in Jefferson County as a whole, including 30 in Birmingham.

Call Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777 or Homicide Detectives at 205-254-1764 with any information.

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