One Murdered, Suspect Surrenders Inside Dearborn’s Hampton Inn, Police Say

After one person was shot, authorities entered the Dearborn Hampton Inn and began discussions with a besieged suspect.

Police have cautioned that the suspect, who is carrying a long gun, is not yet in custody and might fire again from his current location. The “very unsafe” location has been labeled as such by the Michigan State Police.

Lt. Michael Shaw of the MSP stated, “I realize that our curiosity gets to us and we want to see what’s occurring, but this is a very fluid situation.”

Discussions are still underway.

It’s going to be a waiting game for now,” Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin said.

Initial events were sparked by a call to police reporting gunfire at the 22324 Michigan Ave. hotel.

Shahin said, “There was some form of quarrel with the hotel workers,” however he could not determine whether or not the victim was an employee. We think money was the driving factor.

The hotel was cleared out and one person was sent to the hospital by the police. Police have not verified the victim’s death, but sources have told FOX 2 that they did.



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