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Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real: Analysis Of The Video You Have Seen Going Viral On The Internet

Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real

Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real

One of the simplest ways to go around town is in a golf cart. Unfortunately, not everyone can master the skill of driving a bicycle. People use them to get around the neighborhood or a gated community, and not just on golf courses. Let’s dig deep into the topic of Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real.

Obviously, gated communities can refer to a wide variety of settings and lifestyles. Take, for instance, a zoo. When visiting a zoo, it’s not uncommon to see the keepers cruising about in a golf cart, but it’s more unusual to see an orangutan behind the wheel.

What Is The Origin Of Viral Orangutan Driving Video

The term “Orangutan Driving Golf Cart” refers to a video showing a monkey operating a golf cart that quickly went viral and was remixed into countless music videos by YouTube users.

Cristal’s mix Vlog was uploaded to YouTube on September 25, 2021. recorded a clip of a well-known orangutan operating a golf cart and posted it online.

Source: Youtube

At Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum’s menagerie in Dubai, an orangutan by the name of Rambo is shown in the video operating a red golf cart. After only four months, the film had racked up over 8 million views. The video was removed from the internet.

By early 2022, the video had been modified with music by other YouTubers, and it had become a viral sensation among meme creators.

For instance, on January 1, 2022, user Pie Flavour1 uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Orangutan Drives a Golf Cart (Life Could Be a Dream),” to which they added the song “Life Could be a Dream” by The Chords; this video has since racked up more than 89,000 views in one month (shown below, left). On January 7, 2022, user Unai Franco uploaded “Orangutan driving golf cart like in The (shown below, right).

A video titled “Me driving by the police after doing 110 in a 45” was published to TikTok[6] by user @icantdrivemanual on January 1, 2022, and it has already amassed more than 753,000 views in just one month (shown below). Let’s dig deep into the topic of Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real.

Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real

So, Orangutan Driving Golf Cart Fake Or Real? This video is Real. An orangutan is seen in this video really operating a golf cart.

This footage was filmed in Dubai at the menagerie of Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum, the daughter of the UAE’s current prime minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The moniker Rambo fits the orangutan in this clip. We haven’t been able to locate much information about Rambo (such her age or how she came to be at this zoo), but we have found a number of videos of Rambo and other animals in Sheikha Fatima’s zoo.

In 2019, German businessman Saygin Yalcin, for instance, shared a video of his trip to this private zoo with the world. Yalcin’s video begins with a troop of orangutans dressed as humans bottle-feeding a pride of lions that are chained to the floor. Rambo makes an appearance at the five-minute mark, and at the six-minute mark, you can watch yet another clip of the orangutan operating a golf cart.

Anamalia is a YouTube channel created by Sheikha Fatima to feature the “amazing animals homed at her seashore sanctuary,” and it features multiple videos of Rambo. In one video, Rambo is shown driving a variety of vehicles, beginning with remote-controlled cars and working her way up to full-size golf carts.

In one scene, the narrator Rambo says:

I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of activities, but one of my favorites is driving. I wasn’t always careful as a kid, and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but now I enjoy zipping around in all sorts of vehicles. My friend Blue and I especially enjoy taking a spin in my golf cart first thing in the morning to make sure all the animals are okay.

More Videos Of Rambo-The Orangutan

Watch this video of Rambo the orangutan behind the wheel of several different automobiles!

However, others have voiced concern over the treatment of animals at this private zoo, despite the fact that a video of an orangutan operating a golf cart has gone viral. It’s not just the illegal breeding and trafficking of exotic animals that PETA is against; the organization also takes issue with this zoo’s practice of chaining lions to the ground so that they can be bottle-fed by human visitors.

“The idea that wild animals are here for humans to use for enjoyment and do with as they please rather than to be left in peace is promoted by putting lions on leashes and orangutans in clothing,” the author writes.

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