Pablo Lyle Receives A Sentence Of 5 Years In Prison And 8 Years Of Probation

MIAMI – After a jury found Pablo Lyle guilty of manslaughter in October, the court in Miami-Dade County sentenced him on Friday to five years in prison, credit for time already served, and eight years on probation.

After a 63-year-old Cuban man he had hit during a road rage incident in Miami died in the hospital in 2019, the Mexican actor turned himself into authorities.

Juan Ricardo Hernandez was the first person to jump out of his car and hit the window of the automobile Lyle was in with his family, and Lyle, 36, claimed throughout the sentencing hearing that he had no intention of killing Hernandez.

Lyle admitted, “I genuinely believed I was defending my family.”

When the trial got underway on September 23, 2022, Lyle was under home arrest. Lyle’s family members were in tears as prison officers shackled him and hauled him into jail on October 4, 2022, following the jury’s verdict. Lyle had served three months and roughly 30 days as of Friday night.

When I go to sleep, it hunts me, and when I wake up, it’s still there. I never desired something like this to occur.

The maximum punishment under the state guidelines is 15 years, and the minimum is nine. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez heard from Lyle’s defense lawyer, the prosecution, and members of Hernandez’s family before announcing that her sentence will be shorter than the guidelines.

Nobody was going to be content with Tinkler Mendez’s sentence, she added, adding that it was one of the hardest judgments she had ever had to make.

Along with taking anger management courses, Lyle must complete 500 hours of community service. In 1983, Florida abolished parole for the majority of offenders. 85% of each sentence imposed on an individual must be served in prison.

After the sentence, Lyle’s lawyer Phil Reizenstein remarked, “The conviction is unfair and we hope it will be reversed on appeal, but the sentence was fair.”


Hearing For Sentencing

In order to avoid being recognized by witnesses and security footage, Lyle “consciously” decided to punch Hernandez and run away, according to Assistant State Attorney Shawn Ethan Abuhoff.

Abuhoff remarked, “There must be consequences for his acts.

Hernandez was the “provoker of the event” and “the instigator,” according to Lyle’s attorney Bruce Lehr, who claimed that Lyle punched Hernandez out of “instinct and not the intent.”

Lehr added that Lyle is not a criminal because of “a three-second adrenaline-filled error.” Lehr added that the prosecution had claimed Lyle was ineligible for probation because he might be deported back to Mexico, but Lyle disagreed.

According to Lehr, Lyle had long wanted to express his regrets to the Hernandez family.

Lyle apologized throughout his testimony in court. “I sincerely apologize and I’m so sorry.”

Juan Hernandez Jr., the son of Hernandez, claimed that the past four years had been “extremely painful” for him and his family as they awaited the sentence. Abuhoff exhibited films of Hernandez’s mother, 92, and a niece, 22, all of whom reside in Cuba, expressing their desire for justice.

“My father was in good physical shape. Juan Hernandez Jr. expressed his desire for Lyle to receive the harshest punishment, saying, “I never believed this would happen to my father.

After meeting at work, Mercedes Arce claimed she dated Hernandez for four years during which time he drove her everywhere. Before he passed away, she claimed, they intended to get hitched and to Cuba so she could meet his mother.

Hernandez’s pre-tragic behavior, according to Arce, was unlike anything she had ever observed.

Before requesting the harshest punishment from the judge, Arce remarked, “I don’t know what went into him; I think it was the devil.”

March 2019: The Crime

On March 31, 2019, police reported that Lyle’s brother-in-law Lucas Del Fino was taking Lyle and his family to Miami International Airport. Del Fino cut Hernandez off as Hernandez hurried to a light and made a U-turn after taking the incorrect exit, according to the police.

Police said that Del Fino stepped out of the vehicle after Hernandez reportedly used his fist to break the driver’s side glass of another vehicle near the junction of Northwest 27th Avenue and 14th Street.

“We had a tight relationship. Del Fino testified in court that he and the other person were shouting at one another. Don’t touch my automobile, I yelled at him. Don’t slam your door on my car! In Spanish, I said that.

Lehr claimed that Lyle, a front-seat passenger, tried to stop the car when it started to drive toward the street but was unsuccessful, so he stepped out of the vehicle. Del Fino had forgotten to put the car in Park. Del Fino may be seen climbing back into the car on a surveillance camera to prevent the vehicle from rolling into the roadway.

Following a knockout blow from Lyle, Hernandez was knocked to the ground and injured, according to the police. Del Fino dropped Lyle and his family off at MIA when he got back in the car and started driving away. Hernandez was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital by Miami Fire Rescue personnel, where he eventually passed away.

Lehr remarked, “This was instinctual, a parent trying to protect his kids.

Prosecutors claim that Lyle missed his flight because Del Fino called to inform him that cops were at his door. Abuhoff demanded the harshest punishment.

Lyle was one of People en Espaol’s 50 Most Beautiful in Entertainment prior to Hernandez’s passing. He appeared in various soap operas, including “La Sombra Del Pasado,” “Corazón Que Miente,” and “Mi Adorable Maldición.” He also played Malcolm Moriarty in the 2019 Netflix series “Yankee.”

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