Pablo Lyle Receives A Sentence Of 5 Years In Prison And 8 Years Of Probation

After a jury found Pablo Lyle guilty of manslaughter in October, the court in Miami-Dade County sentenced him on Friday to five years in prison, credit for time already served, and eight years on probation.

After a 63-year-old Cuban man he had hit during a road rage incident in Miami died in the hospital in 2019, the Mexican actor turned himself in to authorities.

Juan Ricardo Hernandez was the first person to jump out of his car and hit the window of the automobile Lyle was in with his family, and Lyle, 36, claimed throughout the sentence hearing that he had no intention of killing Hernandez.

Lyle admitted, “I genuinely believed I was defending my family.”

When the trial got underway on September 23, 2022, Lyle was under home arrest. Lyle’s family members were in tears as prison officers shackled him and hauled him into jail on October 4, 2022, following the jury’s verdict. Lyle had served three months and roughly 30 days as of Friday night.

When I go to sleep, it hunts me, and when I wake up, it’s still there. I never desired something like this to occur.

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