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Pamela Blair Cause of Death: “A Chorus Line” Actress Died At 73

Pamela Blair Cause of Death

Pamela Blair Cause of Death

Pamela Blair, who performed the show-stopping song about augmenting her breasts and butt with silicone to find job as an actor in the original production of “A Chorus Line” and who passed away on Sunday at her Mesa, Arizona, home, has passed away. She was 73 years old.

Pamela Blair Cause of Death

Don Scardino, her former husband and a director, claimed that sepsis and pneumonia related to colon surgical complications were to blame her death. Her central nervous system was chronically inflamed due to Clippers illness.


Ms. Blair was one of the performers who was invited to the rehearsals when “A Chorus Line” was created. She shared very personal tales with the creative team, which was lead by Michael Bennett, who created, directed, and choreographed the show, and which were utilized as a basis for the show’s characters.

The tweet about the death of the actress:

In a phone interview, Mr. Scardino claimed that Pam’s anarchic personality served as the foundation for Val.

Ms. Blair’s brassy solo, “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three” (a reference to Val’s audition score before to cosmetic surgery), was a laudatory ode to the virtues of silicone, including the national tours Val was hired for. (Ms. Blair acknowledged that she had not had her breasts augmented.)

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In a song written by Marvin Hamlisch (music) and Edward Kleban (lyrics), who also composed the rest of the show’s score, Val sings, in part: “It’s a gas, just a dash of silicone/Shake your new maracas and you’re fine.”

Allan Wallach of Newsday dubbed Ms. Blair “a marvelously defiant blonde” in his review of “A Chorus Line” during its pre-Broadway run at the Public Theater in the East Village, and Douglas Watt of The Daily News of New York called her “blonde and saucy.” The play has 6,137 performances after transferring to Broadway in 1975. Before deciding to join the national tour, Ms. Blair remained with it for approximately a year.

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