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Parents Charged With Negligent Homicide After Their 6-Week-Old Baby Dies

Parents Charged With Negligent Homicide After Their 6-Week-Old Baby Dies

Parents Charged With Negligent Homicide After Their 6-Week-Old Baby Dies

On May 11, 2023, Trent Hebert and Shaneka Edwards were taken into custody by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office for the negligent killing of a six-week-old baby. On May 10, OPSO patrol responded to a call mentioning the infant’s death near Lot #4 of 1494 Worley St. When the deputies came, the baby was reportedly not breathing. It was found that the baby had significant burns on both of her legs.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared her dead. She suffered second-degree burns on both of her legs, which the doctor who examined her said appeared to be many days old. A police officer also found bloody diapers in the house’s living room.

An individual who was eventually identified as Hebert entered the house as police were getting a search warrant. The child’s father is Hebert. Hebert reportedly questioned the officers about their purpose and the welfare of his infant.

Hebert said he had been out jogging when the police inquired about his whereabouts, despite the fact that he was not wearing shoes. Hebert admitted to walking when asked about his shoes but was unable to specify the duration or location of the stroll, according to the officers.

Partner Arrested for Infant’s Death

Edwards, the baby’s mother, reportedly told deputies she was alone with the child when she called 911 while they were both in the hospital. She claimed that in the six weeks following the baby’s birth, she had not seen Hebert.

Hebert and Edwards were arrested and taken to OPSO for additional questioning. Officers said that upon speaking with Edwards, she admitted to lying to them about not having seen Hebert since the baby was born. She claimed that the baby started breathing erratically while Hebert was bathing it, and eventually stopped breathing altogether. Edwards claimed that after attempting CPR with Hebert but failing, she dialed 911.

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When detectives questioned Edwards about the burns on the baby’s legs, she admitted to setting a bowl of hot noodles on the couch’s arm and leaving the child there while she went to the restroom. According to Edwards, the baby kicked the couch, causing the bowl to tip over and land on the baby’s legs. Edwards claimed she put off taking the infant to the doctor out of concern that child protective services would take him or her.

Hebert admitted to placing the bowl of hot noodles on the couch’s arm during his interview with police, although Edwards was not present. He said that the burns occurred when he was bathing the baby and that the burns did not appear to be compatible with burns from splashing water.

Hebert and Edwards were both taken to Ouachita Correctional Center after being detained on suspicion of negligent homicide.

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