Pedro And Chantel Divorce Cheating: Are Chantel And Pedro Still Married?

Pedro and Chantel are one of our favorite couples to watch on 90 Day Fiancé. Fans of the show will recall that Chantel initially deceived her loved ones about her relationship with him, but that she and he ultimately tied the knot and launched their own spinoff, aptly titled The Family Chantel.

On the show, we follow not just Pedro and Chantel, but also their children and spouses as they go about their daily lives. The program is currently airing its fourth season, and by now, we’ve seen just about every possible relationship dynamic amongst the cast members. Nonetheless, Chantel and Pedro still have problems that need to be resolved. So, did he really cheat on her? This is what she and her admirers believe, and it’s led to the couple’s decision to split up.

Did Pedro Cheat On Chantel?

Although Pedro’s infidelity is suspected, it remains a major story point in Season 4 of The Family Chantel. Both Chantel and Pedro have expressed how challenging their relationship has been recently throughout the episodes of this season. As a result of their recent conversations about how difficult their relationship has become, many of his admirers have begun to suspect that he has cheated.

One commenter on one of Chantel’s postings remarked, “Pedro is giving cheater vibes this season.”

Another added, “Girl, you need to put Pedro in his place,” which could mean sending him back to the Dominican Republic.

Unfortunate as it may be, Pedro’s posts are vulnerable as well. Countless people have voiced their opinion that he isn’t a nice boyfriend to Chantel and that he has to straighten up.

Additionally, in her most recent social media pictures, Chantel was spotted sans her wedding ring. Even more so, she doesn’t feature any photos of him on her Instagram account. Fans have accused Pedro of having an affair with her in various comment sections, despite the fact that he does not post any photos of her on his profile.

Pedro shared these shirtless workout photos on Instagram on June 27, 2022. His caption read, “Determination [is] the ability to keep going no matter how hard it becomes, Happy week.” Others felt he should listen to his own counsel.

One commenter advised the author to “also work on your inner,” suggesting that he consider how he treats his wife.

Chantel Has Suspicions That Pedro Is Having An Affair

Chantel Has Suspicions That Pedro Is Having An Affair

To be sure, Chantel has her own suspicions regarding Pedro’s infidelity. In the fifth episode of season four of The Family She has told you, Chantel, that she is uncertain about him as a husband and that communication between them is poor. She then challenges his use of her in the subsequent episode after he returns home at 3 a.m. Is it because you drained me of all my resources? she probes.

Pedro reveals in an emotional monologue that the suggestion from Chantel that he was exploiting her the whole time was a “low blow” he could not take. She asks him straight up whether he’s cheating on her while they’re in a confessional together, and he answers no. She also brings up the fact that, in addition to being late, he often arrives home intoxicated and parks his car in odd areas.

Both Pedro And Chantel Have Decided To End Their Relationship

Pedro has finally chosen to end things with Chantel after four seasons of The Family Chantel and a whole lot of family drama. TMZ claims he filed for divorce in May 2022, after he and his wife had already been separated for a month. However, the most stunning section of the records is when he claims that she transferred $257,000 from their joint business account into her own account.

According to reports, Pedro made an attempt to have a judge settle the money dispute. He urged the judge to order Chantel to put the funds back into their joint account so that they might be split in the divorce. His plea for an immediate hearing was denied, but one will be scheduled at a later date.

Neither has addressed the split publicly as of yet, and Pedro has disabled comments on all of his Instagram photos in light of the split.

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