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Pennsylvania Boys Fatally Shot While Innocently Playing with Their Kittens

A gunman opened fire on a teenager in Pennsylvania, k!lling him and two other boys who were outdoors playing with their kittens at the time. In a “truly heartbreaking” incident in Lebanon on Tuesday, Mayor Sherry Capello said that 8-year-old Jesus Perez-Salome was pronounced de@d on his back porch and that his brother, 9-year-old Sebastian Perez-Salome, d!ed later at a local hospital.

Police suspect that the intended target, 19-year-old Joshua Lugo-Perez, was also one of those who perished. “There are two children dead as a result of this incident. They were outside playing with their kittens, they had nothing to do with this,” Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graf. “And their mother lost two of their children that evening.”

During a press conference on Thursday, Lebanon Police Chief Bret Fisher revealed that two individuals had been apprehended and that a third was still being sought. Also taken to the hospital in critical condition, Lugo-Perez was pronounced deceased upon arrival.

Police said he and the suspects had an earlier argument. “At this time, we still believe that Lugo was the target of the gunfire,” Fisher said. “This was a result of a past argument.” Officials also confirmed that 33-year-old Luis Cancel was shot and injured. His prognosis is good.

Three counts of criminal homicide, one count of conspiring to conduct criminal homicide, and one count of aggravated assault were filed against a man and a teen on Wednesday, according to Graf. Fisher stated that while officials were searching a building, the two suspects attempted to run.

Fisher said one person was apprehended immediately and the other was detained three hours later. According to the Lebanon Daily News, the alleged killers are Alex Torres-Santos, age 22, and James Fernandez-Reyes, age 16. Officers are still looking for a third suspect who has yet to be named.

Graf said that prosecutors were considering whether or not to seek the de@th sentence. “It is not one we take lightly,” she said of the choice.

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