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Pennsylvania Inmate Suspected in Murder of New York Woman Captured After Eight-Day Manhunt

Pennsylvania Inmate Suspected in Murder of New York Woman Captured After Eight-Day Manhunt

Pennsylvania Inmate Suspected in Murder of New York Woman Captured After Eight-Day Manhunt

The extensive manhunt for Michael Charles Burham, a Pennsylvania inmate suspected of multiple crimes, including the murder of a New York woman, concluded on Saturday evening, according to state police.

Burham, who had escaped from the Warren County Jail on July 7, was apprehended in Warren County after residents reported his presence, leading to a successful operation by law enforcement officers. The arrest brings an end to the intensive search that involved multiple agencies over an eight-day period.

The Capture of a Fugitive

Michael Charles Burham, 34, was taken into custody by Pennsylvania State Police at approximately 5:50 p.m. on Saturday in Warren County. Acting on a tip from local residents who encountered a man on their property, law enforcement officials closed in on Burham as he attempted to hide in nearby woods.

The tweet below verifies the news:

A perimeter of officers successfully surrounded him, leading to his capture without further incident. Burham will now face charges related to his escape from custody.

An Intensive Manhunt

Burham’s escape from the Warren County Jail triggered an extensive search operation involving 15 federal and state agencies. He had managed to evade authorities for eight days after using makeshift tools to break free from the jail’s roof.

Throughout the manhunt, bloodhounds and police tracking dogs were deployed to track his movements. The pursuit culminated in his capture in a wooded area approximately 5 miles north of Warren.

Ongoing Investigation and Previous Crimes

Authorities are currently investigating whether Burham had any assistance while on the run. Prior to his escape, he was being held on kidnapping charges and other related offenses. Additionally, Burham is a suspect in the May 11 murder of Kala Hodgkin in New York.

However, as of now, there are no state charges against him in the murder case. A federal criminal complaint filed against Burham alleges his involvement in the murder and subsequent incidents, including the kidnapping of a Warren County couple.

Caution and Relief in the Community

During the manhunt, law enforcement officials cautioned residents to avoid approaching Burham as he was considered potentially armed and dangerous.

The successful apprehension of the fugitive brings a sense of relief to the community, which can now rest assured that he is back in custody. The investigation into Burham’s alleged crimes will continue as authorities piece together the details surrounding his actions and any potential accomplices.

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