Pennsylvania Man Searched How To Get Away With Murder After Dismembering His Wife

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of killing his wife after allegedly confessing to the police of strangling and mutilating her in their house.

Stephen Capaldi allegedly admitted to smothering his wife Elizabeth with a pillow and strangling her while she slept in their bed, according to Perkasie Borough Police.

On October 12, 2022, according to the police, Stephen moved his wife’s body before sawing her body to pieces.

According to the police, Elizabeth Capaldi reported her mother Elizabeth missing on October 12. Elizabeth’s personal belongings were still there, but Stephen Capaldi said that their home had lost $13,000 in addition to his wife.

Stephen Capaldi asserted that his wife had acknowledged having an affair before going missing in a grand jury report. Later, the police proved it to be inaccurate and revealed Stephen Capaldi was having an affair.

According to the grand jury report, Stephen looked for Quikrete cement, a reciprocating saw, and a DIY blacklight on the day that Elizabeth Capaldi vanished.

According to the grand jury findings, Stephen Capaldi took a polygraph examination and “unquestionably failed” it. Additionally, he reportedly questioned police about if they had “discovered [his wife’s] body.”

According to the grand jury report, Stephen Capaldi admitted to police that he had thousands of dollars in debt from comic book purchases and that his wife had forbidden him from opening a comic book shop.

Capaldi confessed to killing his wife and moving her body around the house before dismembering her in front of the police. Stephen disposed of Beth Capaldi’s fragmentary remains in a Montgomery County dumpster; they were found there on December 9. Other bodies were buried in Delaware County along the Delaware River beach.

Capaldi guided law authorities to the spot in Delaware County where he thought he had interred part of his wife’s body. Those remains were discovered with the aid of a State Police K-9 cadaver dog.

Stephen Capaldi, 57, is accused of third-degree murder, using a weapon during a crime, altering or creating physical evidence, hindering the execution of a legal process or other official duty, and abusing a corpse.

At a press conference on Thursday, Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub stated, “I’ve spoken with Beth Capaldi’s family.” “I clarified the guiding concepts and objectives of my discussions with the defendant.

First, it would have been ideal to locate Beth Capaldi alive. I am deeply sorry that this was not possible; her family was horrified to hear this. If not, to return her to them while bringing her killer to justice.

At the Bucks County Correctional Facility, Stephen Capaldi is being held without bond. The Bucks County District Attorney’s office estimates a 20–40 year term at sentencing, which is set for a later date.

The investigation into Beth Capaldi’s death is still ongoing, according to District Attorney Weintraub.

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