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Pennsylvania University Shooting Wounds 2 Women

Pennsylvania University Shooting Wounds 2 Women

Pennsylvania University Shooting Wounds 2 Women

Two women were hurt by a gunshot over the weekend at a spring event at a university in southern Pennsylvania.

Officials in charge of security at Lincoln University said the shooting happened around 10 p.m. on Saturday during “Yardfest,” an annual spring event at the Chester County school near Oxford that several thousand people went to. Officials from the university said that neither of the victims was a Lincoln student.

County officials said that one woman was sitting on a bench in a crowded second-floor hallway of a university building, and the other was standing nearby in the same hallway. Both of them heard a single gunshot, and everyone started to run.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The woman who was standing said she felt pain in her thigh, looked down and saw that she had been shot, and then brushed the copper jacket off her leg. The woman who was sitting down had a gunshot wound in her left ankle, and doctors thought that the bullet was still there. Police think that a single bullet went through the thigh of the first woman and hit the woman who was sitting down.

The women were taken to the hospital in Christiana. Prosecutors said one was treated and sent home, and the other was expected to be sent home soon.

Prosecutors say that neither of the victims saw who fired the gun, so they don’t know who the suspect is. The head of school security, Marc R. Partee, had said earlier that “two people with white T-shirts” were being looked for.

“This unexpected shooting scared thousands of people, and it’s a miracle that no one was killed,” said District Attorney Deb Ryan in a statement, asking anyone with knowledge about the shooting to call the police.

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