Perryton Tornadoes Killed 3 and Injured 75–100

After several storms hit Perryton, at least three people have died and 75–100 have been hurt.

The Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Office says that two other people are missing as well.

One of the people who died was in a mobile home park that got a “direct hit” from a tornado, according to Perryton Fire Chief Paul Dutcher.

Dutcher said that at least 30 trucks were broken or lost.

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Just after 5 p.m. on Thursday, three tornadoes were seen on the ground in Perryton.

Downtown has also taken a lot of damage.

The sheriff’s office said, “We are asking people to stay home and let emergency services do their jobs.” “There is a curfew from midnight to six in the morning. Driving in the damaged areas is slowing things down.”

Debbie Beck, the CFO of Ochiltree General Hospital, told ABC News that the hospital has handled between 50 and 100 people who were hurt by tornadoes.

Dutcher says that the injuries range from minor to serious and that many people have been taken to emergency centers.

Beck said that the hospital didn’t have power, and because they are doing paperwork by hand, they don’t know how many people were hurt by the storm. Beck says that no one died at the hospital and that some patients were moved to Northwest Texas Hospital.

State Rep. Four Price asked people to pray for the people of Perryton. “A tornado hit them earlier this evening, and they will need a lot of help and support.”

Price said that tools are being put together by the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the office of Governor Greg Abbott.

Price said, “TDEM is moving everything in that direction, including search and rescue, medical, etc.” “Many buildings are broken. The state is hiring more doctors to help with triage in the ER and putting together a list of tools.”

The post below gives prayer to the Tornado Victims’ families:

Governor Greg Abbott said, “The State of Texas is quickly sending out critical emergency response resources to protect Texans and help those who have been affected by the tornadoes in Perryton.” “I urge all Texans to listen to what state and local officials say and take all the necessary steps to keep themselves and their families safe. We are still ready to help quickly with any extra resources that might be needed during this bad weather event.”

As of 7:45 p.m. Thursday, Xcel Energy said that 4,554 people were still without power.

Damage is being looked at by crews.

Wes Reeves said, “There is no power in the city right now because facilities have been turned off for safety reasons.” “The transmission lines that bring electricity to the city have been damaged, and there are a lot of downed lower-voltage distribution lines in the city.” We don’t yet know how long it will take to fix it.

The gym at Perryton ISD became a place to go in case of an emergency.

Cole Underwood, who is in charge of sports, said that they have showers and blankets. food, batteries, and anything else someone might need.

Generators are being worked on for the area.

At the Ochiltree County Expo Center and the Community Worship Center, there are also shelters set up.

If you need help finding a loved one, call the Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Office or 1-800-RedCross and choose the choice to report a disaster.

Help is coming from first responders all over the area.

Amarillo Police Department

Two cops will help keep an eye on things from the air and decide if more help is needed.

Amarillo Fire Department

The Amarillo Fire Department sent an AMBUS with multiple people and a chase unit.

Amarillo Medical Services

Five ambulances were sent by AMS to help in Perryton.

Borger Police Department

Officers are on their way to Perryton to help our friends there.

“Please pray for the people of Perryton and the first responders from our town and the surrounding area who are on their way to help.”

The Sheriff’s Office in Hutchinson County

The Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office is going to Perryton to help with rescue and emergency operations after the city was hit by a “devastating tornado.”

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Stinnett EMS

The Stinnett EMS team will also go to help. “Praying for the people of Perryton and all the first responders who are heading there to help.”

Eight miles south of Waka, a second storm was seen.

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