Phoenix Cops Responding To ‘Hazardous Situation’ Discover 5 Dead In House

On Wednesday morning, Phoenix, Arizona, emergency services went to a “dangerous scenario” at a residence and discovered five bodies inside.

The call reporting the incident on 7th Avenue and Northern Avenue came in just after 8 in the morning.

Phoenix Cops Responding To 'Hazardous Situation' Discover 5 Dead In House
Phoenix Cops Responding To ‘Hazardous Situation’ Discover 5 Dead In House

At a news conference on Wednesday, Phoenix Fire Department Captain Todd Keller claimed that firefighters were called to the site of a “dangerous scenario” at 8:11 a.m. Next, they broke inside the house and discovered the bodies of many people inside.

Because the scene was still being assessed, Keller would not confirm the total number of victims or their ages or genders.

Adjacent residences were evacuated as a safety measure.

It was claimed by KSAZ-TV, a Fox affiliate, that two adults and three children were discovered deceased inside the house. Sgt. Melissa Soliz, a public information officer for the Phoenix Police Department, informed reporters that the victim showed symptoms of trauma, but that no suspect was at large.

Soliz informed reporters at a news conference that the site was being mitigated for danger factors and that hazmat personnel would declare the inside safe before revealing the number of victims.

Even though there didn’t seem to be any gas leaks inside, Southwest Gas shut off the pipes to the house as a precaution.

The investigation is still underway, thus police have not published the victims’ identities.

Soliz said, “This is a really unfortunate circumstance for everyone concerned, from our firemen to our police officers. “Members of the immediate and extended family present will all feel the effects. Simply put, this is a catastrophe for the whole neighborhood.”


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