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Phoenix Man Accused Of Killing And Slicing Up His Roommate

Phoenix Man Accused Of Killing And Slicing Up His Roommate

Phoenix Man Accused Of Killing And Slicing Up His Roommate

A guy who went missing in Phoenix for approximately a month was found dead in his home with his corpse dismembered, and police said they had apprehended the killer. Thomas Wallace, the unidentified man’s roommate, has been charged with various felonies for his role in the unidentified man’s death.

Police had been checking on the man’s well-being at his residence on Campbell and 30th Avenues, just north of Indian School, for a few weeks, but he hadn’t made contact with his loved ones. According to eyewitnesses, he used to often host homeless persons in the past. A further two weeks passed with no word from the man.

Phoenix Man Accused Of Killing And Slicing Up His Roommate

As a result, police officers, aided by firefighters, stormed his house and entered the building. The scent was offensive, according to the police. Investigators said that after searching the house, they discovered two black trash bags containing various body parts inside the bedroom.

The next day, homicide detectives arrived and discovered blood all over the living room, including on the ceiling, numerous walls, and various pieces of furniture. The blood on the floor looked to have been cleaned up at some point. Investigators reportedly found the victim’s severed head attached to his severed upper torso in a pile of sheets.

After learning that the man’s automobile was missing, police located it in a motel a short distance away. There they discovered Wallace and Romana Gonzalez, who had intermittently shared the victim’s apartment. On Thursday, both were arrested. Although Wallace asked for legal representation, Gonzalez instead spoke with authorities. She claimed she had lately stopped living with the victim due to Wallace’s actions. According to court documents, it is unknown when Wallace killed the man, but Gonzalez testified that she and a friend visited the guy’s home on September 30 and found blood on the front living room floor. His body was later discovered inside the home.

Wallace and Gonzalez pawned some of the man’s goods last week, according to the police. A camera and camera bag were given, as well as a pole-mounted, 10-inch chainsaw hedger. Those people got $50. In court documents, it was revealed that the victim’s business card had been in a portfolio found in the bag. Investigators who analyzed the confiscated chainsaw reported smelling decay and observing fragments of skin and damaged ligaments.

The residents of the area were shocked to learn of the violent incident that took place there. Since moving to the same block in the 1970s, Ruby Lowry has been friends with the victim. He was the type of neighbor who would go out of his way to assist a stranger. What happened to him is tragic. “He didn’t deserve that,” she emphasized.

According to Lowry, the elderly man was a decorated Air Force veteran. From what she heard, he was the go-to guy for repairs around the block. Lowry noted individuals were coming and going relatively often from the residence but never anticipated any of those people would be accused murders. “I hope they get what they deserve because he would help anybody. That’s probably why he had them over there,” she replied.

Wallace was placed into jail on one crime of first-degree murder, one count of theft of means of transportation, two charges of trafficking stolen property and one count of concealing a dead corpse. Fraud and theft allegations resulted in Gonzalez’s arrest.


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