Pinellas County Pastor Arrested in Multi-Million Dollar Home Depot Theft Ring

A pastor in Pinellas County is facing serious criminal charges following the dismantling of a suspected crime ring, resulting in the arrest of multiple individuals. Robert Dell, the pastor in question, has been accused of masterminding a theft operation that pilfered over $1.4 million worth of goods from various Home Depot stores across Florida. The stolen items were subsequently sold on the popular online marketplace, eBay.

The attorney general’s office spearheaded the investigation that led to Dell’s arrest, revealing the extent of the operation that involved not only the pastor himself but also his wife and mother, among others. The charges shed light on the alleged theft ring’s activities, which encompassed stealing from Home Depot outlets and then profiting from the illicit sales on eBay.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody emphasized the significance of maintaining law and order in the state, especially as it continues to attract a surge of newcomers. Moody expressed the importance of upholding the state’s reputation as a safe haven and underscored the diligence exhibited by law enforcement in pursuing those responsible for such crimes.

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The arrest is part of a broader crackdown on retail theft cases, with the state prosecutors having apprehended over 300 individuals in more than 90 cases related to retail theft. The attorney general’s office boasts a near-perfect conviction rate in prosecuting these crimes, reflecting the seriousness with which Florida authorities are approaching the issue.

The arrest of the Pinellas County pastor and his alleged associates sends a strong message that criminal activities will not go unchecked in the state. The case serves as a reminder that law enforcement agencies are vigilant in protecting the interests of both businesses and residents, working tirelessly to ensure a secure environment.

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