Police: 12-year-old shoots 13-year-old at California school

On Monday, police in Northern California apprehended a 12-year-old child they alleged had shot another student at school.

According to Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, the 13-year-old kid who was shot Monday afternoon at Madison Park Academy is in stable condition.

The suspect may or may not have been a student at the Sobrante Park school, NBC Bay Area said, although it was unclear. He was taken into custody “promptly and safely,” according to Armstong.
According to Armstrong, the reason is unclear.

Police: 12-year-old shoots 13-year-old at California school
Police: 12-year-old shoots 13-year-old at California school

A kid bringing a pistol to school hurts me beyond words,” he remarked. As one parent said, “No parent wants to send their kids to school during the day only to get a call saying, ‘You’re kid’s been shot.’ It’s the worst possible phone call.

Six individuals have been killed in recent days in Oakland, a city of less than a half a million people east of San Francisco, Armstrong said. This includes a triple homicide on Friday that involves retaliatory shooting and a bicyclist who was tragically struck by a “out of control” vehicle.

This year’s homicide toll is already close to that of last year, when lethal gun violence spiked in the city.

Armstrong reported that there had been 83 homicides as of Monday, which is two fewer than at the same period last year.

No further information on the shooting incident was available at the time of this writing, and a representative declined to comment.

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