Police Claim Teen Shot By Ex-san Antonio Cop Wasn’t Driving A Stolen Car

According to a police official, the former San Antonio police officer who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy while he was eating a burger in his car was mistaken about the teen’s car being stolen.

On this Wednesday, Erik Cantu’s loved ones report that he is still in a severe condition.

Police Claim Teen Shot By Ex-san Antonio Cop Wasn't Driving A Stolen Car
Police Claim Teen Shot By Ex-san Antonio Cop Wasn’t Driving A Stolen Car

Though he is unresponsive and still on life support, Erik’s oxygen levels have been steadily rising. The family released a statement through attorney Brian Powers, saying, “We are being patient and optimistic that better health is coming.” I ask that Erik remains in your prayers and thoughts.

Rookie cop James Brennand, 27, is out on $200,000 bail after being booked on two counts of aggravated assault by a public official on Tuesday. He was sacked in the days following the shooting.

On the evening of October 2 after responding to a separate incident, Brennand allegedly approached Cantu’s car in the McDonald’s parking lot. Brennand approached and opened the driver’s door without knocking or otherwise announcing himself, as seen on body camera footage, because he believed the car to be one that had avoided him during an attempted traffic check and suspected it might be stolen.

Cantu was instructed to exit the vehicle by Brennand. Cantu answered with “What?” while stuffing his mouth with food. After striking Brennand, the kid placed the car in reverse and began backing up with the door wide open. As the car backed out of the parking lot and drove away, Brennand fired multiple shots at the open vehicle.

Police have confirmed that there were no injuries to any passengers.

Officer Ricardo Guzman, a spokesman for the police department, told the Associated Press that the vehicle in question was not stolen, despite having license plates that did not match. Guzman did not give a quick reply.

Chief William McManus stated on Tuesday that Brennand had broken department rules by firing at a moving vehicle when no immediate danger was present. Cantu was defenseless.

After former officer Oscar Cruz Jr. was indicted on a charge of deadly conduct with a firearm for shooting at adolescents who were suspected of trying to open car doors, Brennand is the second San Antonio police to be accused this year for the unjustifiable use of deadly force.

After one of the kids hurled a rock at Cruz’s face in March of 2020, he gave chase on foot and fired rounds that missed his pursuers. He was let off from the police department and his trial is set to begin next month while he is out on bond.


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