Police Claim That The Murder Of A British Tourist In Jamaica Was A Contract Killing

According to local authorities, a 33-year-old British tourist was killed in Jamaica as part of a “contract killing” by “unknown assailants.”

Near the pool of his vacation rental in Bogue Hill, St. James, Sean Patterson, a personal trainer from west London, was discovered with gunshot wounds to his upper body and head around noon on Monday. The deputy commissioner of the police, Fitz Bailey, stated on Wednesday that the murder was likely a contract killing that originated in Britain.

Mr. Bailey stated that on December 29, just before New Year’s Eve, Mr. Patterson and a second guy, also from London, arrived in Jamaica. Before moving into the property in Bogue Hill on New Year’s Day, the duo spent a few days in an apartment.

The three men from Kingston and the two Britons met up later that day and all three stayed at the guest house in different rooms. The incident is said to have occurred at the villa pool around noon the following day when Mr. Patterson and the Jamaican man went there.

Local government officials are cooperating with their foreign counterparts, such as the British police, the commissioner claimed, and they are making “great progress” in the investigation. The Daily Mail was informed by the mother of Mr. Patterson that her son had been to the island in the Caribbean for the first time to see family.
The Jamaican guy “said that he was facing Patterson when he heard multiple loud booms [that] sounded like gunshots,” according to Mr. Bailey. He said: “He said that he turned and observed a lone individual in a black hooded sweater firing Patterson.”

The witness allegedly ran away and hid under some bushes. Police saw the 33-year-old victim on his back in a “pool of blood” with “what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the upper-body and head” when they arrived on the scene.

“There is no proof Patterson was robbed,” Mr. Bailey continued.

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