Police In Baltimore Are Looking Into A Fatal Shooting Of A 7-year-old Child

According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, a 7-year-old kid was found shot in the head on Friday in residence on Presbury Street and later passed away at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital.

Officers from the Western District were summoned to the Easterwood area around 5:06 p.m., according to Harrison, who was on the scene Friday night with Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. They were then directed to a home in the middle of the 2100 block.

He claimed they discovered a “small, male infant with a gunshot wound to the head in the upstairs area of the residence” there.

The youngster received medical care from the police, who also transported him to Hopkins hospital, where he later passed away from his wounds.

Another 18-year-old guy was discovered in the house by the police, who have since arrested him. The man was transported to a hospital where, according to Harrison, he is getting a psychiatric evaluation and will be thoroughly questioned about what transpired inside the home.

He omitted to mention whether the victim and the 18-year-old are related. On Friday, crime scene investigators and homicide detectives processed the scene.

Harrison stated, “We don’t have many details. Another child has lost their life in Baltimore City, which is sad and heartbreaking.

Scott, who was upset, promised that investigators would “get to the bottom of what happened” but added that the city must keep having discussions about the excessive number of guns entering the city and the reasons why so many children have access to weapons.

Scott remarked, “No family should experience that suffering. “We should all go to bed with heavy hearts, minds, and eyes.”

Harrison stated, “We discuss the prevalence of guns in our city. “We discuss the willingness of criminals to use them, as well as gun control, responsibility, and safety. We discuss all of these issues, but it keeps happening.

“The why is what I ask everyone to consider. Why are people killing each other with guns? stated Scott.

Detectives who specialize in homicide are looking. Detectives are asking anyone with knowledge to phone them at 410-396-2100.

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