Police In Washington Defend Not Arresting The Shooter Of The Teenager Who Died

The police chief in Washington defended his agency on Tuesday in response to criticism that a man who fatally shot a 13-year-old child whom he suspected of robbing a car over the weekend had not been detained or charged.

According to authorities, Karon Blake was shot early on Saturday morning in Northeast D.C. by a man whose identity has not been made public. Politicians in the area and members of the community are worried about vigilantism as a result of the incident.

After shooting Blake, the man called 911, and when police came, he was giving the youngster CPR, according to Chief Robert Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department.

While the investigation was ongoing, he chose to withhold saying much more about the man. Contee lamented the “misinformation flowing out there, and people are tying this into race and other things and putting images of innocent people out there” in response to a reporter’s question on why the police chief appeared to be so “heated up” when he spoke about the case.

He said that the man was Black, just like Blake, that he was authorized to carry a concealed weapon, and that the weapon belonged to his residence. He said that no more weapons were discovered at the location.

The man had engaged a lawyer since giving the police his version of events when they arrived on the site.

It’s not about doing it quickly; it’s about doing it correctly and making sure that, if someone needs to be arrested, we do it the right way, according to Contee. In certain situations where a person is in danger for their own or another person’s life, he claimed, it is legal for someone with a firearms license to shoot that individual in Washington. A grand jury would then determine whether or not a crime had been committed.

Police and federal prosecutors from the city’s U.S. attorney’s office are investigating the shooting.

According to Contee, it is common practice for police in the nation’s capital to detain suspects and withhold their identities until an arrest warrant has been obtained.

Blake was a calm, intelligent student who loved sports and fashion and was shot close to his middle school.

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