Police Investigating String of Interstate Shootings in Hampton Roads

According to Virginia State Police, shootings between cars on Hampton Roads’ interstates are getting worse, and authorities are worried.

According to a news release, the department’s Chesapeake division has responded to 18 gunshots on interstates this year. Six of the incidents have left six people injured but no one died. Some of the shootings are gang-related, according to Cpt. Timothy A. Reibel, commander of the criminal investigation department at the Chesapeake Field Office, but others just involve “individuals in conflict.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

“It is important for residents to understand that there is no indication that the majority of the interstate shootings are random acts. Additionally, there is not any one individual responsible for all of them,” Reibel said. “A majority of the shootings share commonalities: the victims and suspects are from the same communities, and there are existing associations and relationships with precipitating events which have resulted in conflict.”

Seven of the shootings, according to state police, took place in Hampton. There were five in Norfolk, two in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, one in each of Newport News and Virginia Beach, and two in Chesapeake.

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According to Reibel, “We know there are people out there who witnessed the argument that eventually led to a shooting and/or know the suspects and the victims involved in these shootings.” “Those folks must come forward, please. By remaining silent, we only give these deadly criminals more authority, enable them to victimize more people, and put our communities and our highways’ safety at risk.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Virginia State Police by calling 757-424-6800, using the area code #77 on a cell phone, or by sending an email to questions@vsp.virginia.gov.

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