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Police Murder The Man They Think Shot The Other Man Downtown

Police Murder The Man They Think Shot The Other Man Downtown

Police Murder The Man They Think Shot The Other Man Downtown

ATLANTA (KXAN) – According to Chief Joseph Chacon in his initial account of the incident, Austin police officers shot and killed a guy on Colorado Street who they claimed had shot another man downtown late Sunday night.

Just after 11:30 a.m., someone called 911 to report seeing a man carrying a gun at 5th and Guadalupe Streets. Officers reacted immediately, according to Chacon.

According to Chief Chacon, at that moment, more officers were dispatched to the call. “About one minute later at 11:34 p.m., a second 911 call came in reporting that numerous gunshots had gone off, people were running in the 300 block of W. 6th Street, and basically, it was mayhem,” he said.

911 received a notification that someone had been shot at 11:36. About two minutes later, police discovered the shooting victim, a guy, who had non-life-threatening wounds.

Officers proceeded to search the area for the person responsible for the shooting for the following five minutes, according to Chacon.

Officers allegedly saw a man who fit the shooter’s description around 11:43, according to Chacon.

“Once [they] started to get closer and started calling out, officers saw that man was holding a revolver. The man started to run as they yelled to one another and for him to put down the gun.

While the other two officers continued to pursue in the utility vehicle, one of the officers hopped out and started pursuing on foot, according to Chacon. Officers repeatedly told the person to put down the firearm, according to the report.

Shots were fired seconds after the foot chase started. Multiple cops shot at the person with their service weapons, and the person was struck down.

The victim later passed away at the hospital, according to Chacon, despite the police’ prompt efforts to save his life.

“I think it’s important to emphasize that at all of these events, there were people around because this is the downtown entertainment district. There were numerous people walking and cars around. Despite the late hour, this part of town was generally very, very bustling, according to Chacon.

According to departmental regulations, the three cops who fired shots have been placed on administrative leave. The officers’ body cameras will be made available within 10 business days, in accordance with APD practice.

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