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Police Personnel May Be Seen Crying and Throwing Up After Discovering F@talities in a New Video From the Uvalde Atrocity

Police Officers Vomiting and Sobbing After Discovering Victims

Police Officers Vomiting and Sobbing After Discovering Victims

Cops in the newly leaked body cam film from last year’s de@dly massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde can be seen crying and throwing up after seeing the de@d bodies of children. In anticipation of the anniversary of the 24 May 2022 atrocity, CNN aired the clip on Sunday.

Officers are seen inside the school, and the sounds of gunshots from both law enforcement and the att@cker can be heard. After entering the school, the police officers can be seen puking outdoors while others are seen crying and comforting one another.

A visibly shaken police officer was also seen in the film attempting to wash the blood off his hands. The victims’ families gave their blessing for CNN to air the film in the hopes that it would prompt authorities to take steps to prevent other sh*otings.

CNN, which obtained access to the film, gave it to the parents despite DA Christina Mitchell Busbee’s request that the public not see it until her investigation was complete. CNN stated that it is not their responsibility to “give material directly to families,” but added that “knowing that the families — along with other media organizations — were being blocked from records that would normally be public, CNN made the exceptional decision to let the families watch.”

Police Officers Vomiting and Sobbing After Discovering Victims

The video was requested by the moms of the five survivors from the sh*oting in Uvalde, Texas. The CNN commentator Kassandra Chavez said, “We have to see it. Yes, we do. The five moms watched the video on a laptop while the kids and dads were elsewhere.

The gunman’s ex-boyfriend, Miguel Cerrillo, said he wanted to examine the film, as did Miguel Cerrillo, whose daughter Miah called 911, indicating that police knew about the children being confined with the sh*oter around 40 minutes before law enforcement entered the classroom.

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I just want to see the big picture of it, precisely what she went through, where she was at,‘ he added. “I want to see… why they suffered for so long and how they suffered.” After the fact, police stated that the sh*oter emerged from a closet and opened fire on the policemen when they approached the classroom.

When students began filing out of classrooms, they found themselves in a corridor lined with offices. Repeat after me, “Kids! Kids! Kids!” Officer shouts. Screaming, “Hands up, hands up!” After a brief moment of silence, the yelling continues as people demand that emergency medical personnel be let entry.

In the hallway, one person is being dragged by the arms while others are being carried or pulled. Bloodied and wailing kids are ordered to “Move! Move! Move!” One child is being held by an officer, and another is being carried over the shoulder of an intervening law enforcement official.

During the CNN broadcast, the parents easily identified their children. They named everyone in the group, starting with Jaydien and ending with Miah.

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