Police Release Gruesome Footage of Phoenix Shooting That Killed 3 and Injured 2 Policemen

Three people were killed and five others were injured, including two police officers, when a gunman opened fire in a hotel parking lot in north Phoenix late last month, as seen in a new disturbing video that was published on Friday.

Isiah Williams, 24, was eventually identified as the suspect seen on video leaving his room at a Days Inn at 26th Avenue and Deer Valley Road on the night of August 28. He was armed with a rifle and a Molotov cocktail and outfitted with a helmet, a bulletproof vest, a gas mask, knee pads, and both. If you watch the footage closely, you’ll see Williams go outside and shoot at several other vehicles. After 30 seconds of shooting, he targets a white car that has just pulled into the parking lot and kills both occupants. Both Karla Garzona, 44, and Misael Arevalo, 36, were confirmed to be the victims.

There are still three more passengers in the car, but they’ve all gotten out and fled. Williams keeps walking around the parking lot and shoots at nothing. Then he tosses the Molotov cocktail through the window of a nearby Waffle House, but nothing happens. He returned to the Days Inn lobby, where he pointed his revolver but refrained from firing. He keeps shooting for several more minutes, with bullets flying across Deer Valley Road and into nearby buildings and vehicles. There were casualties among the affected crowd.

Surveillance footage shows that when police arrived, they were met with gunshots. The cop was shot in the face, and another was injured all over by shrapnel. While some cops plotted a safe way to go rescue the wounded officer who was trapped down, others returned fire. Since no police officers turned on their body cameras, no footage exists. The injured cop was retrieved by officers and taken to the hospital in a police Tahoe. Eventually, the gunfire ceased, and police discovered Williams dead by his own hand.

200 spent rifle rounds, five empty magazines, flash bangs, and other tactical equipment were reportedly discovered by investigators. Both policemen have been released from the hospital. The probe is still active at this time.

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