Police Say A Las Vegas Murder Pair Has Been Discovered Dead

After leading authorities on a 35-mile automobile pursuit and fleeing into the Arizona desert, a couple sought in connection with a murder in Las Vegas last week was discovered dead on Friday, according to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s office, a SWAT squad from the Lake Havasu City Police Department discovered Hunter McGuire, 26, and Samantha Branek, 32, laying next to each other with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Police Say A Las Vegas Murder Pair Has Been Discovered Dead
Police Say A Las Vegas Murder Pair Has Been Discovered Dead

Branek’s death will be investigated by the Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office, while McGuire’s was ruled a suicide based on the presence of a rifle on his chest and the appearance of the wound.

According to the sheriff’s office, the pair was wanted for murder by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as of October 17.

According to the sheriff’s office statement, McGuire was identified as the suspect by LVMPD investigators, and Branek was seen on camera pawning evidence of the murder on the same day.

According to the sheriff’s office, McGuire was hiding out in Las Vegas while he was on the run for the double murder that took place in Kingman, Arizona on June 28.

On October 19, police searching for the killer found a guy who had been shot in the head; McGuire was thereafter suspected in both murders.

The sheriff’s office in Yucca, Arizona, reported seeing Branek’s car on Alamo Rd. Friday afternoon, coming from Interstate 40. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Branek’s automobile was traveling above 80 mph when a marked police car started following it. The deputy chased Branek’s car for about 35 miles.

The sheriff’s office claims that Branek’s car skidded off the road, and that McGuire, Branek, and another lady all fled off into the desert wilderness.

The sheriff’s office said McGuire was armed with a rifle and that they were monitored by a helicopter from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which then relayed their whereabouts to local authorities.

The sheriff’s office said that McGuire and Branek sought to hide beneath a huge tree, while the other women hid elsewhere and subsequently surrendered peacefully. A charge of obstructing justice was filed against her, and there are likely more charges to come.

The SWAT squad located McGuire and Branek’s corpses after “roughly four hours of discussions and air surveillance with no reaction,” according a statement released by the sheriff’s office.

Police have claimed that McGuire is still a person of interest in many other active murder cases.


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