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Police Say Shots Fired Outside a Farmington House Party Resulted in a Juvenile Arrest

Shots fired outside of Farmington house party leads to juvenile arrest, police say

Shots fired outside of Farmington house party leads to juvenile arrest, police say

Police in Farmington are investigating a shooting incident at a home party early on Saturday morning.

According to representatives of the Farmington City Police Department, the inquiry got underway just before one on Saturday morning when two on-duty officers heard what they believed to be several gunshots close to the city’s East Bench.

They both reacted right away. Dispatch advised them while en route to the scene that other locals had also reported hearing gunfire.

The two policemen claimed that when they arrived, they saw a sizable house party in the middle of Sunset Drive, where numerous guests had already left after spotting them.

According to SLCPD, everyone at the scene was detained while officers carried out a precautionary search of the home to ensure nobody had been shot or hurt.

According to reports, one individual was found inside the house unharmed and taken out.

Many expended gunshot shells were discovered strewn over the road a block south of the property.

Officers searched the home after securing a warrant, finding a gun and marijuana.

“It is unknown at this time if the firearm was involved in the incident,” police said.

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According to officials, a minor boy was detained in connection with this event and is now facing charges relating to firearms.

Another man discovered to be connected to the incident was also apprehended and lodged in the Davis County Jail on a charge of tampering with evidence.

Detectives investigated public safety after this incident and found that the locals were safe.

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