Police Shoot Emotionally Unstable Man With Scissors Who Lunged at Them

Police say that a man in the Bronx who lunged at them with a big pair of scissors and was in a bad mood was shot by police after he tried to hurt them.

Officers went to a call in front of an assisted living facility on Washington Avenue in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx at about 9 a.m. and found a man with scissors and a large knife in his hands. He was mentally unstable.

Police say the man looked at a witness who was smoking a cigarette. Officers tried to get his attention away from the smoker while telling him to drop the scissors.

When a neighbor heard the noise from his room on the second floor, he started recording right away.

“I was sitting on my window sill with my dog when I saw the police yelling at the young man to drop the scissors,” said witness D. Barry Buddy Bolton. “He had a weapon with a blade.”

Officer Fired Three Shots

Officials say that the man then ran at the cops “in a full-fledged sprint,” and they fired three shots, hitting him twice.

The tweet below confirms the news:


The 39-year-old guy was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police say he has a history of mental illness. He is likely to make it. At least one of the four cops who were taken to the hospital was treated for tinnitus.

Chief of Patrol John Chell said that the situation was “fast, volatile, and dangerous,” and he said that the officer’s quick actions saved a man’s life.

The big knife and scissors were found at the scene.

Authorities say that the man who was shot has talked to police three times before about his mental health, once in the Bronx last year, once in Brooklyn in 2017, and once in Brooklyn in 2015.

They also say that he has been arrested four times before, once for trying to avoid being arrested last year, once for the attack in 2022, once for fair beating in 2003, and once for criminal trespass.

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