Police Shot And Killed A Man They Spotted With A Rifle At A Homicide Scene; One Officer Was Also Hurt

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, a man was murdered by law enforcement in DeKalb County after he opened fire on them during the course of an investigation into a homicide.

The fatal shooting took place late on Monday evening at a Shell petrol station located at the intersection of Welborn Road and Covington Highway. On WSB Tonight, Larry Spruill of Channel 2 was the first to report from the site. At the time, police had sealed off the intersection in order to conduct their investigation.

At around 8:30 p.m., officers from the DeKalb Police Department responded to a report of a homicide that had occurred off of Cedar Croft Court in Lithonia.

The police stated that they were looking for someone who may have been connected to the homicide when they came across a man who was armed with a rifle at a gas station that was one mile away.

According to the GBI, the suspect opened fire on law enforcement personnel and struck multiple police cars in addition to a civilian vehicle.

Police Shot And Killed A Man They Spotted With A Rifle At A Homicide Scene

The officers opened fire in return, killing the man there and then with their bullets. His name has not been made public at this time. One of the officers was hurt, but only slightly.

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Channel 2 Action News was informed by neighbors that they had heard multiple gunshots at approximately 8:45 p.m. One witness claims that she heard between 10 and 15 shots and that she saw someone shooting from a car. She also stated that she saw the shooter.

She told Channel 2 that both she and her daughter had immediately dialed the emergency number 911.

At approximately eight o’clock on Tuesday morning, a photographer for Channel 2 Action News witnessed a tow truck removing the bullet-riddled police cars from the scene. The incident is still ongoing, and it is currently unknown when the intersection will once again be accessible to traffic.

Channel 2 has contacted the police in order to confirm the details surrounding the homicide investigation that is taking place on Cedar Croft Court and to find out if the man who was killed was a suspect.

The GBI has stated that it would conduct an independent investigation into the shooting of the officer, and after that investigation is over, it will be turned over to the office of the district attorney.

The General Bureau of Investigation was asked to look into the 106th officer-involved shooting that took place in 2022, and it is the second one that took place on Monday. After one of their officers fatally shot a 19-year-old suspect who was accused of stealing a car, the Clayton County police requested assistance from the GBI in their investigation.

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