Pre-murder Interview With Suspect Who Had Alleged Affair With Ana Walshe

Police in Massachusetts have released new information on the case of Brian Walshe, who is accused of murdering and dismembering his wife, a high-ranking executive in the real estate industry. The 39-year-old Ana Walshe vanished on New Year’s Day, and a week later, Brian was taken into custody in connection with her disappearance.

On Thursday, Assistant District Attorney for Norfolk County Greg Connor testified in court that Brian had hired a private investigator to monitor his wife because he feared she was having an affair. After court proceedings concluded on Thursday, WCVB published details and images from newly unsealed documents detailing the earliest stages of the investigation into Brian Walshe.

Among the revelations was a police interview conducted with a man in Washington, DC on January 7—the day before Brian’s arrest—that had not been previously disclosed. A man who claimed to have been “dating” Ana Walshe spoke to police in Washington, DC.

Police Spoke With Man Having Alleged Affair
Police Spoke With Man Having Alleged Affair

According to the papers, he informed investigators that “The relationship had become more serious over the past several months and they had spent Thanksgiving together in Dublin.” When asked for response, the man (who has not been recognized) said he “had nothing to say” to WCVB.

A close friend of Ana Walshe’s claimed that she had threatened to uproot her family and move to Washington, D.C. if her husband was sentenced on federal art fraud charges. Law enforcement questioned Walshe on January 8, the day after speaking with the man involved in the alleged affair, about strange internet searches conducted on his son’s iPad on the night of his wife’s disappearance.

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Questions like “how to stop a body from decomposing” and “ways to dispose of a dead body if you really needed to” were among them. When challenged by police about how a 6-year-old could do the searches without any spelling problems, Walshe allegedly said his son’s iPad was to blame, prompting his attorney to end the interview.

A weird email account was reportedly sent to police in Cohasset, where the Walshes lived, the day before Brian Walshe was arrested, stating that Ana Walshe had been kidnapped. The email stated, “We have the so-named Ana Walshe with us here,” referring to an unnamed transaction valued at $127,000.

We have her here with us and if she doesn’t pay the money… then she’ll never be back,” the email allegedly read. The contents of the telegram were not revealed in any further detail. In the days after his wife went missing, WCVB aired security photographs of Brian Walshe along with those details.

In one, he allegedly shops at a Home Depot in Rockland, where he buys a variety of products including a Tyvek suit, a hatchet, 12 pounds of baking soda, and various cleaning supplies. Another photo shows him with what appears to be a trash bag outside a liquor store in Swampscott, Massachusetts, where his mother resides.

Five days after Ana Walshe disappeared, he allegedly went through six different dumpsters, according to the police. Brian Walshe has pled not guilty to murder, lying to police, and improperly transporting a body.

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