Police Standoff In Weirton Ends With The The Accuser Killed And The Victim Hospitalized

On Saturday, the Weirton Police Department was dispatched to 3136 Weir Avenue in order to investigate a report that a woman named Cassandra Jeter, 67, had been shot by Carl Gist, 82, who was her neighbor.

Officers who arrived on the scene said that Gist had barricaded himself in his home at 3144 Weir Avenue after the incident, which took place while Jeter was mowing her lawn. Before Gist emerged from his home brandishing a semi-automatic weapon at officers, he had spent several hours in negotiations with the authorities.

Officers immediately returned fire, striking Gist, who was later taken to the Weirton Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

At this point, there is no information available regarding Jeter’s current status, and the New Cumberland Detachment of the West Virginia State Police is in charge of the investigation.

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According to the Weirton Police Department, the Hancock and Brooke County Sheriffs Departments, the West Virginia State Police, the Weirton Fire Department, and the Hancock County Ambulance Service aided them throughout the incident.

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